Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga
Ayurveda (AYUR=LIFE,VEDA=KNOWLEDGE) the sister science of yoga is more than a medical system. Ayurveda teaches that all elements that exist in nature are reflected in the living body in its minutest form. The medicatedoils used in Ayurveda are prepared from different herbs and have the medicinal properties to strengthen the body,take away stresses and strain and raise the energy levels of the body.
The warmed medicated oil leads to an increase in temperature in the connective tissue followed by an expansion of the blood vessels and an improved circulation.The body’s metabolic activity is accelerated by the increased flow in the blood stream and capillary pressure.As a result the entire metabolism is stimulated.The gentle uniform massage leads to muscle contractions and loosening of the joints.
The medical components of the oil are absorbed by the skin by osmotic pressure as well as the activity of the nerves and the vascular system.With the help of the massage the mending of damaged muscle fibres are improved and extra vascular fluids are removed. A temporary enlargement of the capillary vessels, relaxation of the involuntary muscles contractions and pain relief are the results.

Ayurveda gives an important place to ABHYANGA (oil massage) and emphasises its utility in maintaining both the health of the body and the mind.There is instant relief with this massage and you are refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged.

Similarly Yoga emphasises with all its intersting and beneficial postuires the benefits of mind and body and more…

Our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects are rejuveneted with asana and pranayama practice and hence our energy centers gradually balance themselves.

Practice of both Ayurveda and yoga is a bonus for those who have time and are the blessed ones.Here at yogamasti, we strive to give you a balanced yoga feel and we do this by designing yoga clothes that suit a yogi mind and help in their practice. A comfortable, unique yogi look shines through our yoga clothes.

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