Pre ‘lockdown Britain’ we were all looking for an excuse to wear Yoga pants 24/7. Recently we’ve seen a surge in popularity in our hareem Yoga pants (we discuss the shift here) and we recommend them for everyone – but let’s not forget the baggy hippy pants our Boutique is so famous for! These are a loose cotton, funky print harem pants that are an ultimate #athome pair. Here’s why you should make the switch and try out some loose-fit comfort options.

Get Funky

baggy hippy pants in bright red with loose low waist and spiritual om print

Cheer yourself up! There’s nothing like a jazzy pair of hippy pants to put out some positive vibes! Ours come with some spiritual flair too. You can feel like a real Yogi, even if you’re having to do your Yoga by the kitchen sink right now! Plus, if you’re not usually brave enough to wear roaring red hippy pants to the shops, you’ll definitely be brave enough to face your own back garden! At under £15, they’re a no brainer.

Why Baggy Pants And Not Regular Yoga Pants?

Baggy hippy pants for yoga in plum purple with wide waistband and elasticated cuffs

Our comfort flow pants use a silky, heavier weight fabric that feels incredible gliding along the skin. A wide waistband with hidden elastic hugs the waist, but not too tightly. They wont slip down, but they won’t cling too tight either! It’s simple – they’re the ultimate comfort! Regular yoga pants are comfortable sure… but this style takes the cake! You can exercise, work, and sleep in these things and not regret one moment of it! Wearing them is effortless. It’s like wearing nothing at all… if ‘nothing’ felt like a silky caress!

wide comfort waist band of plum purple comfort flow harem baggy hippy pants for yoga and loungewear

They’re Loungewear That’s Functional, Too

yogamasti vinyasa yoga baggy hippy pants in olive green with black cuffs and elasticated wide belt waistband

Our Vinyasa pants are your new favourite loungewear and your new favourite Yoga pants! These are our most popular of our loose pants and have been bestsellers practically from release! Customers love them when we visit Yoga shows. Once they’ve been put on, they don’t come off again. These pants have the lot – they flatter practically any body shape and support even the most dynamic Yoga practice.

Got any loungewear recs for us? Is there any Yogamasti gear you’re living in right now?


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