Holistic Statues

Holistic Statues

Good afternoon fellow yogi’s

Today I want to write about holistic statues. What are they, and why they contribute to our life so much.

Let’s start with the basics shall we…How do we define this term? Well, holistic incorporates the ideas that a physical entity has a whole other purpose or existence. It is the idea that there is more than to what meets the eye.

For example…Last week I wrote about Lord Ganesha, and in this is explained how each figure on the has a different meaning. In this particular case, the objects are pre-defined, but this could also relate to a personal item which has a meaning to somebody in particular.

Many people in fact talk to their holistic statues because they have created a very personal and intimate bond with their beloved entity and extraordinary character. Energies around this body can either protect you, give you luck & prosperity, some have healing benefits…In fact, this golden item is absolutely vital!

If you are in need of positive vibes in your home, why not introduce  who invites you to join him and be free of thought by bringing a positive aesthetic ambiance in your world.

Medicine Buddha is described as a healing spiritual doctor who cures suffering using the medicine of his teachings. With great fine detail on the drape suggesting his journey of life from start to finish.His right hand is extended, palm outward, over his right knee in the gesture of meditation which represents the end of misery and suffering, which is self created through lack of contentment hence his right hand holds a begging bowl indicative of the need for contentment.

Many other holistic statues can be introduced to your home or world to bring you protection, health, wealth, and many other emotional benefits, and this is why Yogamasti loves its statues, and so should you…

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