It’s 3HO Kundalini Yoga Festival time again, so we’ve put together a Kundalini yoga clothing guide. As you know Kundalini yoga encourages students to wear all white when practicing, and has a large focus on Chakra energy and colour therapy.

Why white?

According to Yogi Bhajan, wearing all white clothing expands the aura and teaches us to be more conscious of ourselves and our surroundings. Most people who practice Kundalini however see white as more a symbol of purity of thought and lack of distraction from spiritual purpose. Wearing white and symbols of the Chakras can be very inspiring in practice, and creates a kind of symbol for our practice goals. As in – when we put on our whites, we put on our ‘yoga head’ and find getting into the mindset a lot easier. Remember though – no pressure! Pure white is not an absolute rule, and no one at a Kundalini class is going to frown on you for wearing purple pants!

So here are some examples of our whites & spiritual Chakra items, so choosing Kundalini Yoga Clothing is easier for you.

Chaturanga Bamboo Fiber Top With In-Built Support

kundalini yoga clothing


Can be worn either way around and made in gorgeously soft bamboo fiber. It includes an in-built support bra to hold you in inversions.

Comfort Flow Harem Yoga Pants in White

kundalini yoga clothing

So pure white you can barely see them! But these are the most comfortable pants you will ever own, trust us. You’ll never want to take them off! Wear them full or 3/4 length, high or low waisted – they provide ultimate comfort and maneuverability any which way!

Hand Painted Chakra Pants

kundalini yoga clothing

Lovingly hand painted by our team with all seven Chakras. Classic boot cut yoga pants that flatter all leg shapes!

Embroidered Chakra Tunic In Organic Cotton

kundalini yoga clothing

We made this version of our black Chakra tunic especially for  you Kundalini yogis! 100% GOTS organic cotton with each Chakra embroidered down the spine to flatter the curve of the back.

Hand Painted Heart Chakra Camisole

White Chakra Yoga Camisole Top

Hand painted Anahata in the center of the chest, in built support and wonderful stretch.

So here our our recommendations for Kundalini yoga clothing – but feel free to browse our catalogue for more white finds!


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