Get Some New Spiritual Jewellery In Time For Christmas!

More new spiritual jewellery is coming to the site – check these pics out! We’ve got a huge variety of inspirational symbols and designs plus Mala prayer beads and bracelets. Spiritual jewellery is a great option for a gift with meaning. Sometimes when you need a little boost all you need is to reach for the symbol around your neck to feel better, and it feels great to gift that moment to someone. I wear Oms all the time to remind me to take a moment of peace. Let out a breath, chant an Om, feel better!

You can check out what our spiritual jewellery section has to offer right now by clicking here.

Last week we showed you some beautiful new statues and textiles on the way. Let’s take a look at what else is coming up:

Wood And Gemstone Mala Prayer Beads

Meditation and prayer aids like Malas also make wonderful gifts for people who suffer with anxiety – the repetitive counting of the beads soothes worry and keeps the mind distracted.

Turquoise gemstone mala prayer beads with red coral divider beads Rosewood mala prayer beads with a brass hammer-shaped hanging counter

Oversized Spiritual Symbol Pendants

Silver metal om symbol pendant with engraved flower petals around it. Large silver om symbol pendant hanging on a smooth snake chain

Shell Mosaic Necklaces

Beautiful Balinese crafts! Handmade mosaic pendants made using shells like the iridescent abalone. They’re coated in resin with a beautiful sheen and texture.

abalone shell circular mosaic necklace with a peace symbol in the center Red and white yin yang shell necklace

More Of The Spritual Bracelets You Liked So Much!

Rudraksh seed bracelet with a hanging om symbol

Stay tuned for more! Christmas gift shopping is looking to be beautiful with Yogamasti!


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