Navanadi Yoga Festival

Navanadi Yoga Festival


We are BACK from the wonderful Navanadi Yoga Festival in Turhout – Belgium! We got to meet a lot of amazing yogi’s, drink lovely yogi tea, sleep in a tent!, visit Brussels by night and of course show off our awesome yoga wear!

Here’s our weekend in pictures…

1.The Navanadi Wristband! Super colour!

2. Our stand outdoors on the first day! Whatcha think guys?!

3. Delicious Yogi Tea! (Chai Tea)

4. Our stand indoors (it rained the rest of the days)

5. This is when you know you’re at a yoga festival: all the shoes have been left behind to get into class! Ha 

6. The closing ceremony: Everyone gathered around. Super finish! Until next time fellow yogi lovers!

Beligum is a beautiful country! We absolutely loved it there and hope that the people who came to see us felt the same way about us

Until next time indeed…!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti