New products are on the way! We’ve got loads of new stuff we’ll be showing you for both Buddha Boutique and Yogamasti, plus a new mat bag design that was delayed due to Covid. We’re also getting our organic Yogamasti meditation cushions back in stock as the initial order sold so quickly. We make put them together in our shop ourselves so we’re really glad you guys like the personal touch.

So here’s your sneak peak of what’s to come. Remember – this is only a fraction of the beautiful things we’ll have by Christmas! We know its a bit odd to talk about Christmas when most of you haven’t even carved your pumpkins yet – but we’re excited!

Please excuse the rough and ready pics guys – this stuff hasn’t even arrived at our shops yet! So what’s coming?

Decorative Incense Holders

More of the beautiful engraved incense holders you guys liked so much – with more variety!

My favourites are the gold leaf shape holders above – they’ll look incredible on an altar! Check out our other incense holders here.

Crystals! Fluorite and Rhodochrostise – As Well As Many More!

Multiple green, pink and purple fluorite crystals strewn on a piece of marble.pink egg-sized rhodochrosite crystals laying on the palm of a hand


Gemstone Jewellery & Malas

We’ll be getting plenty of new gemstone yoga bracelets as well as restocking the customer favourite agate mala beads. Below is a beautiful aquamarine crystal healing bracelet we’ll be adding online & in store soon. Check our other spiritual jewellery out here.

A beaded bracelet of blue pea sized aquamarine gemstone beads.

Statues & Altarpieces

A grey clay statue of ganesha as a child. A black clay Ganesha statue with oversized ears and engraved patterns across the body.

I have a huge soft spot for child and  baby Ganesha statues – I hope you guys do too!

Spiritual Printed Throws & Hangings

A large throw depicting an elephant with a tree of life growing from it's back.


A Brand New XL Size Yoga Mat Bag

We talked about this bag many months ago now, saying it was coming soon! Unfortunately producti9on was delayed massively due to Covid – but now we’re happy to announce it’s on it’s way! Its big enough for two mats and two blocks, plus your Yoga clothing. It’s going to be a great addition to our Yoga bags collection and super useful to those of you with a big kit!

That’s it for the sneak peak! But don’t worry, we’ll have loads more to show you between now and Christmas to inspire you!


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