Not to do List

Not to do List

To do list…

  1. Make invoice
  2. Order bags
  3. Vat
  4. Ring jason
  5. Submit application
  6. Practice – look a for a better mat and it goes on an on…different list every day!!

Have we ever made NOT to do list ?

I am going to make one now…

  1. Not to come from my ego today
  2. Not to expect today
  3. Not to get angry at anything, instead concentrate on my breathing.
  4. Not to worry about tomorrow
  5. Not to despair if things don’t go to plan
  6. Not to be hard on myself
  7. Not to over work
  8. Not to bite my nails

so many not to that we never make a list of…isn’t it?

How about making a not to lists as well.

Aanika –