So here it is, Merry Christmas, and we’re brimming with Christmas gratitude! Oh what a year it’s been for everyone! Has it been a year? Or ten? Or 3 months?? We can’t really seem to tell…

But the wheels keep turning and time keeps moving, as it always does. Seasons change no matter how quickly or slowly we feel they’ve passed. Christmas has come – and with it a sense that gratitude for what we have is more important than ever. Tis the season of good will to all. But remember ‘all’ includes yourself too! It’s been a rough time for everyone mentally – so it’s time to exercise a little compassion for the self.

This time of the year is perfect to snuggle down with some hot tea, warm blankets and twinkling lights, thinking on all there is to be grateful for. Let’s make the most wonderful time of the year the most grateful too!

Here’s a few tips to practice some Christmas Gratitude!

So let’s start with your body!

 a woman in a santa hat practicing yoga on the beach in blue leggings

It gets you from A to B to C for Christmas! A good gratitude practice is to do a body scan from toes to head, focusing on each body part individually. Taking each element of the bodily self and giving it the conscious attention it deserves works wonders (it’s also a great grounding and relaxation practice). When you’ve scanned your body work your attention to each of your senses, practicing gratitude for the joy and understanding they bring you. Our senses are how we connect with our outer world – thank them for showing you a multi-dimensional world and making it a more beautiful place for you.

Make a Christmas gratitude list!

A pink gratitude journal pictured with a pen and decorative fern leaf

What do you have to be grateful for this Christmas? Your family? Your friends? Your pets? A warm cosy fire? The joy of twinkly lights and decorations? Cosy socks? Good food? A warm place to rest? Time to practice Yoga? Safety? Sight, sound, taste, hearing and touch? Giving and receiving love?

A hand holding fairy lights that have been bent into the shape of a heart

As everyone says, it’s the simple things we should direct our gratitude to. These things are so easy to overlook while we’re racing around in our heads and in our lives. Pick ten PLUS things to add to your Christmas gratitude list. Come back from it when you’re feeling down or frustrated – it will really put things in perspective for you!

Look To The Future!

Visualize them and good things are sure to come your way! Learn to be grateful for prospective opportunities and celebrate your past achievements for the year. In our opinion everyone on earth has made a huge achievement this year just by getting through it! Look forward – what’s coming this new year that you can be grateful for? Is a new job starting? Some prospective work on the horizon? Weddings, festivals or parties the pandemic postponed? Improvement in your Yoga, meditation or fitness? Travel? The continuation of all the things on your Christmas gratitude list?

When we visualize a positive future full of gratitude and opportunity it helps us be more positive in the moment and reduces anxiety over our futures. Everything looks suddenly brighter!

What are you grateful for this Christmas? Tell us about it in the comments!


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