Large Black Tara Statue – Cast Bronze, For Power & Protection



A beautiful cast bronze black Tara statue with gold accents. Beautifully detailed and serene. This statue is large and heavy. A perfect altar piece or living room deity. This statue is cast bronze. Casting has liquid metal poured into a mould made from an original carving. In this statue the metal is then coated in black while the edging is polished to highlight the details in gold. Both of her hands are in mudra gestures. The left is in Agni/Surya (fire) mudra. The right (lower hand) is in the Gyan (air) mudra. Mudras are used to balance the elements they represent.

This statue also makes a beautiful addition to a Yoga or meditation room.  Keeping spiritual statues elevates the energy of a space and creates a wonderful atmosphere. Deity statues are common in homes in Southeast asia and many people leave offerings to their household shrines. Many people adorn the areas around the statues with flowers and lights, which is a wonderful idea even in a western home.

About This Black Tara

It is still unknown whether the Tara first emerged in Buddhist or Hindu tradition, but she is equally important to both pantheons. Also known as the female aspect of Padmapani in Tibetan Buddhism. Padmapani represents the compassion of the Buddhas. There are many different types of Tara that vary from region to region. Most widespread are the White and Green Taras. The White Tara can also represent the ancient Indian Mother Goddess. You will also see Red and Yellow Taras, though these are less common. The black Tara is extremely important in Tibetan Buddhism. She embodies the active side of the Buddhas and delivers worshipers from evil. Known as the protector and savior. The black Tara protects from negative influence, evil spirits and bad Karma.

Black Tara Statue Product Details

  • Large and heavy black Tara statue
  • Polished gold accents
  • Highly detailed
  • Approx 3.1kg
  • Height 28cm, Width 21cm


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