Mini Elephant Statue/Incense Holder – Bronze



Mini Elephant Statue/Incense Holder – Bronze

A mini elephant statue in bronze with drilled holes for incense sticks. Makes a wonderful little ornament and is a symbol of luck and family harmony. This statue is much heavier than its mini size implies! It has a lovely weight to it in the hand and is cool and smooth to the touch. The elephant is cast metal with carved detail on the eyes and ears. Statues such as this are made by first creating a carving, then making a mold from it. Into this mold, molten metal is poured to create a statue.

These little elephants are simply adorable and we love looking at them all lined up in our shop!

It is good to note that the drilled holes for incense are quite shallow, so are best for use with stickless incense or wider sticked incense (see pic for an example). A mini elephant statue can also be easily carried around in your pocket for luck!

Elephant Symbolism:

Elephants are considered to be very lucky. A downward pointing trunk means ‘storing luck for you’. An upwards trunk means ‘dispensing luck to you!’. Just like an elephant sprays water! To many elephants are also a symbol of strength and fortitude. As well as this, the elephant represents family relationships and working together. Real life Elephants live in tight-knit family groups that all co-operate together, so you can see why. Many people place elephants around their home to attract luck and family harmony, so put a little mini elephant statue’s in yours!

Mini Elephant Statue Details:

  • 25mm approx
  • Cast bronze
  • Holes for incense sticks
  • Represents luck and familial harmony


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