Mother’s Grace, Lakshmi with wood filigran


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This handmade Light sculpture invokes the following qualities in your space:

  • Overflowing love and compassion
  • Abundance & wealth
  • Beauty and grace
  • Harmony and self-acceptance
  • Generosity
  • Devotion

The Divine Mother showers her overflowing Love and compassion on you. The wide-open rose of her Heart reveals her innermost Light, the Light of Creation, the light of your soul, like a brilliant jewel.

This Yantra is closely related to divine mother in her aspect as Lakshmi. The divine qualities of overflowing abundance, beauty and unconditional Love pour forth. There is complete acceptance in the embrace of the mother.

The 6 pointed star represents the Chakra of the heart, the abode of the cosmic mother. This is the place of equilibrium between the up flowing energies and the down flowing energies of the astral spine, represented by the triangles pointing up and down.


  • Built on five levels of carved wood with acrylic molding and LED lights
  • Painted and shaped by hand with gold plating
  • With Swarovski crystal backlit at the center.
  •  Size: 50cm/20″ diameter, 10cm/4″ depth.

To help tune into Divine Mother’s ever-present love repeat this affirmation and prayer on a regular basis.


“I will love others as extensions of my own Self, and of the love I feel from God.”Prayer:

“O Infinite One, make me a channel for Thy love! Through me, reach out to sow seeds of love in barren hearts everywhere.”

From the book Affirmations for Self-Healing by Swami Kriyananda


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