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An Om lotus necklace on a silver snake chain. The pendant features a pretty little lotus with an Om symbol in the center. It’s approximately 20mm and a lovely delicate little pendant. On the given chain it sits in the center of the chest. However, the top loop on the pendant is large enough that you can easily change the chain. So feel free to mix it up and use different stringing methods! Switching different chains is a great way to change up the look of a necklace. Try a waxed cotton cord for a little hippy flair. Some beautiful spiritual jewellery that helps you carry a little inspiration wherever you go.

Lotus Meaning: The lotus symbolises rebirth, enlightenment and purity of thought. Lotus flowers bloom from muddied waters, rising to the surface. The layers of petals in the large bloom symbolise different layers of the consciousness or the self. These petals grow from a central pod attached to a long stem which rises through the water. Inside these pods you find the seeds. These seeds are used in many ways and have religious and cultural significance to most eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

Om Symbolism: We see the Om symbol everywhere in the Yoga world. We cover different aspects of the Om symbol in this article if you’re unfamiliar.  In simplest terms Om means… everything! It represents the whole universe, and the first sound of creation. It has such spiritual significance because of this all-encompassing idea. Om also symbolizes the Crown Chakra in tantric tradition, so you will often see it along side (or inside) the holy lotus, to show the expansion of the self and consciousness. The different strokes represent different aspects of the self.

Om Lotus Necklace Product Description

  • Om lotus necklace featuring lotus flower with Om symbol center
  • Small pendant on a silver plated snake chain
  • Easy to switch chains
  • Spiritual lotus st

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