Chakra Scented Candles Set of 7 – Fairtrade & Vegan



Scented Chakra candles set of 7, each with an individual fragrance. These candles are long lasting, vegan friendly and well perfumed. They are also Fairtrade & made by hand. Each colorful candle has it’s own unique fragrance blend that compliments each Chakra. Perfect for relaxation and meditation. Make your space a rejuvenating haven where you can focus on your energy centers. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool in your yoga and meditation kit! Compliment your practice with complimentary aromas to elevate your experience and focus your mind. With a full set of Chakra candles, you’ll always have the right fragrance for the right time. This set makes a wonderful gift for the Chakra lover & Kundalini yoga lover!

Chakra Scented Candles Set Scents:

Root Chakra – Cassia, clove & nutmeg

Sacral Chakra – Cedar, spruce & rosemary

Solar Plexus Chakra – Lemon, grapefruit & bergamot

Heart Chakra – Lavandin, orange & mandarin

Throat Chakra – Moroccan rose & chamomile

Third Eye Chakra – Lavender, mayweed & silver fir

Crown Chakra – Patchouli, labdanum & frankinsense

Product Features:

  • 16-18hr burn time in votive glass
  • Vegan friendly
  • Each Chakra with a unique fragrance
  • Set of 7

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  1. Sarah

    Lovely set of candles, All smell great.

  2. aan IKA (store manager)

    Thank you sarah x

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