Sterling Silver Ganesha Pendant – With Silver Plated Chain




A sterling silver Ganesha pendant with silver plated chain. A well detailed Ganesha cast in silver, then filled with acrylic. The pendant loop comes from the top of the head and is wide enough to fit most chains. This Ganesha has a statue look to it and has a lot of detail for its size. You’ll feel like you’re carrying around a tiny version of one of your Ganesha statues! These are in the same style as our huge bronze work statues in Buddha Boutique. The pendant also has a nice weight to it and feels wonderful and smooth to the touch.

This pendant is perfect for formal occasions when you’d like to dress up with spiritual flair. Ganesha reminds us to seize opportunities and that obstacles can be overcome, so this necklace is a great way to remember that. Many people wear Ganesha when meeting new people or facing potential business opportunities. The pendant has a loop and separate chain, so feel free to use your own! Switching different chains is a great way to change up the look of a necklace. Try a waxed cotton cord for a little hippy flair.

About Ganesha: Ganesha is a very popular patron deity and the most recognisable of the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha is an elephant God and son of the Goddess Parvati. He is the God of success, new beginnings and overcoming obstacles. Also the God of wisdom and the intellect, so his likeness is found in workplaces and schools. He is often depicted with a small mouse which represents devotion, or more rarely, doubts and vices. This mouse is also Ganesha’s mount that he rides.

Silver Ganesha Pendant Product Details

  • Silver Ganesha pendant with silver plated snake chain
  • Very detailed
  • Approx 25mm
  • Wear for strength to overcome obstacles and face new beginnings


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