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These Temporary tattoos are simply beautiful .Tattoos are like jewellery  for the skin. The artist here has created shimmery bright and artistic chakra ones  in its original colours  and added tones of gold and silver to it. You will see it in images how they appear on the skin and radiate energy. These are healing meditation yoga inspired tattoos.

Be it a party or simply a yoga class, treat yourself to one or all at the same time. they can be placed anywhere on the body. As long as you don’t physically rub them they will last 3-5 days! They look absolutely beautiful on and as tattoos go, are striking stylish and make statement but in this case they make a yoga statement. The back of the card with 7 chakra tattoos and a gorgeous om one are all the instructions which are super easy and only take aminute as to how top use them.

The colours of the rainbow these beautiful and trendy tattoos will set you apart as a yogi.Try them:) Tested by SGS.

 Sahasrara, Crown or crown chakra: Spirituality, consciousness, universal consciousness, highest knowledge.

Ajna, Stirnckakra or the Third Eye: perception intuition, knowledge, willpower

Visuddha, neck or throat chakra: expression communication, inspiration, openness

Anahata, the heart chakra: relationship, love compassion, warmth, healing

Manipura, umbilical or solar plexus chakra: will, power, personality, wisdom

Svadhistana, sacral or sexual chakra: sexuality, emotions, creativity, enthusiasm

Muladhara, root or base chakra: survival, instincts, basic trust, stability assertiveness

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2 reviews for Chakra temporary Tattoos- Limited Edition!

  1. Lisa B.
    3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Not as durable as other types I have tried though still beautiful and very easy to apply.

  2. Maria Vulturar
    1 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Very poor quality unfortunately… didn’t less only maybe one hour on the skin , was for a photo shooting but they look beautiful

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