Hello everyone! We’ll be visiting India and Nepal next week – so expect loads of gorgeous pictures from us soon! We’ll be chronicling our whole journey in this blog. We’ve never done this with our journeys before (though we travel a LOT with the label!) so we’re excited to be trying something a bit different.

We thought it would be great to show everyone our ‘product journey’ so you guys can get a look at where we source our products and where our clothing is made. When we’re sourcing products in less developed countries we make sure to do an in-person meet and greet, and tend to use small family businesses. This ensures we develop a relationship with the people who make our products and meet them in person. Using faceless middle men is always a risk in regards to worker welfare and ethical standards, so we don’t use them. It’s also just nicer, generally, to know our money is going straight to a family and not a big business office!

We’re so looking forward to seeing the mountains again! This area of the world is so beautiful! We’ll also be going on a loooong train ride – so hopefully we’ll get a look at some incredible landscapes that we can show you all.

There’s also another reason for our visit – the Yogamasti Yoga Retreat! We’ll be out looking for furniture makers to build custom furnishings for our retreat villa! There are so many incredible artisans working in India & Nepal that I think we might just be spoiled for choice. Furnishing a whole house is a wonderful (if surprisingly stressful!) opportunity. For a lot of people a big empty house you can make as beautiful as you like is a dream come true. It certainly is for us – so expect more retreat pictures of us showing off our beautiful interior in future.

We’ll start updating next week – so stay tuned! We’ll be adding our blog updates to our Facebook, so make sure to follow Yogamasti so you can keep updated.


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