Yoga in Italy

Yoga in Italy

Well well well…! I did say I would keep you posted on the news here in the beautiful country of Italy!

Found loads of yoga classes by the lake.. Absolutely stunning views from the mountains overlooking the water (especially at sunset), and best of all: quiet & calmnessThe perfect setting for all of these yoga classes!

You set out in the early morning or evening (when it’s a little cooler), and you join in with a couple of people, say 10 to 15, all ages, all ethnicities, unisex, and you carry your mat bag along with your mat, water bottle, cellphone and other accessories you might need, and enjoy the beauty of the classes with different people. This is also known as: yogi heaven!

Seriously, entering a yoga class on holiday has SO many benefits! Not only do you meet new people with similar interests, you also get to experience first-hand of how others practice yoga, you’ll rejuvenate your practice and you’ll feel so much better for it.

Yoga on Holidays? YES YES YES!

So let me ask you…Have you inscribed yourself at a local yoga class when you went on holiday before?

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Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti