Yoga In The Garden – We Tried Garden Practice!

Yoga teacher maureen demonstrating a little yoga in the garden, aligning herself with the garden path.

Try Yoga in the Garden. Here a Yoga teacher sits in lotus pose next to a budda statue and fountain in a back garden.

While lockdown restrictions have lifted a little, we’re still trying to make the most of the space we have at home. So why not play around a little and try Yoga in the garden? We’ve talked about the benefits of taking your practice outdoors (try our outdoor Yoga tips here), but your garden can be a huge asset to your Yoga world and a great way to bring fun and creativity to your practice.

We took a little time to get into the garden and see what it had to offer. This time, Yoga teacher Maureen opened up her beautiful garden to us. She took us around showing us some great spots to try out Yoga poses and have a little outdoor Yoga fun!

How To Experiment With Yoga In The Garden

Yoga teacher maureen demonstrating a little yoga in the garden, aligning herself with the garden path.

Your garden is now your Yoga canvas! Try this: match your alignments and poses to your environment. Experiment with different angles you find around the garden and match them. When we started to look around, we noticed all kinds of shapes and patterns that you can use to creatively challenge your practice. Try aligning yourself to pathways and fences. Use branches and bushes not only as the environment, but as Yoga props!

If you have a lawn, it might be a great time to grab a partner and try some Acroyoga!

Yoga teacher maureen trying yoga in the garden. Here she stretches into a posture, aligning it with the hedges behind.

Maureen is wearing our Mantra Pants and Organic Chakra top.

Add Another Dimension To Your Meditation By Taking It Outdoors

Outdoor Yoga is better for keeping the mind clear, some would argue. And we’d mostly agree (unless you’re trying a little king pigeon pose on the M6, or taking your practice out to the park on a busy Saturday). We discussed why you should give outdoor Yoga a try here, but the same general ideas regarding nature apply for meditation. So of course, a little nature therapy can only boost your meditation.

(Pictured: Organic Lotus Top and Organic Shanti Om Leggings.)

The rich smells of the earth and the scent of plants and flowers on the wind create sensory associations that deepen spiritual connection with the self. When we meditate like this, our bodies and spirits know we are where we’re meant to be – alongside nature in a state of harmony. If you have a covered area like the one above, you can practice all the way through spring and summer.

To Finish

Often we can’t get out to reconnect with nature as often as we’d like – so take advantage of the little slice of nature behind your house. It’s not the same as a roaring stream or sun dappled forest, but it’s what you’ve got and it’s still beautiful, even if it’s just a few pots and a patio. Use your imagination and don’t let your little green spaces go to waste, because they can really help you.

Check out Maureen and her classes here.

What do you guys do to get the most out of your garden?


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