Best Practices For Yoga Teachers

in Apr 16, 2024

Here are a few important best practices for yoga teachers to apply during their preparation and classes.

What not to do in a class and how to get the best out of your students is an art which has to be learnt and cultivated. Some people are born teachers and will agree with this. A student comes to a class to learn, understand and better his or her practice. They spend money time and a lot of effort to actually come to a class and a good yoga teacher should keep all of this in mind while teaching. So a few good practices here which might help

1. To get your students motivated and keep coming to the class is not easy as all us teachers know so to keep the class interesting and not boring should at the forefront of a good teachers mind.

2. A boring class means its heavy. Either its too serious or not informative enough so keep it jazzed up with information, new tips, new ways to do postures etc

3.Humour goes a long way into students hearts, so hey smile and make pain look like again when they are performing postures. I used to call it sweet pain and that brought smile to students lips even in a really hard pose:).

4. If a student can see intensity in a teachers approach to yoga then of course that is what they will learn and cultivate, so teach by example

5. Look serene and like a yogi in the class. Students take you seriuously if you are dressed to teach rather than you reaching the class in adidas pants. Look after your yoga wardrobe:) Get the right yoga look 

6.Always be on time.

7.Keep an even and peaceful tone to deliver, though tones can be firm to get the best out of your students

8.Never ever compare. Each student has its own pace and they can only do their best. Push but not enforce. A gentle nudge in the right places during asana and little verbal motivation does wonders to their confidence

9.Keep the class space warm or else its bad for their bones. Asanas performed in the cold are harmful to say the least

10. Make your yoga space a little different to a normal exercise class. Put a lil incense or a candle or some soft spirited music, whatever, but the whole atmosphere should be serene, meditatiove and spirited. Enclose your students for that one hour of yoga class into a world where they want to come to it again and again

There are so many more that I could go on to but most of all remember that the student looks up to you for advise, so pay full attention, give them all you have to give from the heart

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