Yogamasti Retreat Food

Nourish Your Body and Mind

Organic, vegan friendly cuisine that supports a restorative retreat – all included! Every meal is catered throughout your stay – so you can experience chef-made delicious meals every single day. We also cater to gluten free and other dietary requirements and allergies –  you’ll state your needs when you book. Take in your favourite superfoods and indulge in beautifully balanced flavours, all selected by our in-house chef.

Chef made, ultra healthy and delicious!

Our Food

Our goal is to give your body the perfect nourishment it needs to restore your mind and body. Food plays a huge part in how we feel - and we believe ultra fresh and healthy catering doesn't have to be boring! We love the alfresco dining experience and will be serving your meals in our beautiful villa courtyard.


A Yoga retreat needs great nutrition and plenty of invigorating foods. Energise your Yoga practice with ultra healthy, ultra tasty meals that make you feel fantastic. Sample Indian Thali, curries and fresh baked breads and cookies. Seasonal fruits, home made granola and tasty chia puddings will start your day right! 

Enjoy options from around the world, with sit down dinners each evening and a special live service barbecue night with our chef! Sip fresh squeezed juices from our fruit trees (nature allowing!) in the Spanish sun and know that you don’t have to worry about cooking a single meal for a week!


Bon Appetit