Complete Fitness – Sunset Warrior

in Apr 16, 2024

Keeping the mind in check, which lives in the body with acute awareness to your emotional being is complete fitness. Can just the body be fit on its own?

Nah! Mind has to be kept quietly aware and present with meditation. Now, meditation on the other hand is a vast subject and everyone tries to find their core energy and source through different methods. But the best one is the simplest, watching our breath. Body is bold and beautiful and can and should be kept fit and in check through the use of mind. Whatever we take into our body shapes us. Hence what we eat, what we apply on our skin, what we drink is of utmost importance. Well they say we are what we eat so there has to be some truth in that right? Watch it…Remains the soul…the soul which is ever searching, wanting, in need, craving and of course learning. Soul should be fed with positivity and vibrance which healthy emotions can help with. Healthy emotions, now whats that? Emotions that uplift you, inspire you and others, take you more within. Do we actually pay enough attention to cultivating those emotions? Or do we just get carried away with whatever emotion takes hold of us? Watch it. Be like a Warrior at sunset time. Its been a great yogic day, practiced hard, ate healthy, felt positive, gave from the heart, energy galore pay our tributes like a warrior.