How to Spice Up Your Practice

in Apr 16, 2024
Is getting on that Yoga mat getting monotonous? Have you stopped looking forward to your practice session? Do you feel bored during your class?? If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then its time to spice up your Yoga Practice…and we are here to help… So what is it that can help in getting the boredom out…..kill the mundane….her are some tips.. yoga dance in the sunThe easiest is to change the setting….just change the location or the part of the house you practice, it makes a huge difference. Change your spot in class, try practicing with or without mirrors and try the outside. Also, are you still going the old boring plane jane way…try making your yoga corner lively…. Some hanging on the wall, incense sticks, calming smoothing music can do the trick. Changing the time of your yoga session may also help. Looking for a great piece of art for that wall…see our chakra wrap. Chakra Wrap Try looking different, your clothing and what you wear plays a great role in how you feel. There are soo many options to choose from with many brands designing clothing especially for yoga. Yogamasti itself does 4 different collections to cater to the varied needs of all the yogis. The clothing is all about clothing and giving you that extra edge. It always good to try something new. Maybe its your style of yoga that you are getting bored of, then why not try a new style, its always good to try something new. No need to switch to this style, something you can do maybe once a week or fortnight. yogamasti imagesPracticing with someone helps make the activity more enjoyable and ensures that you stick to your routine. So look for a yoga partner, could be your best friend, boyfriend, daughter, son, partner….a great reason to spend some quality time together as well. Yoga retreats and yoga festivals are a great way to meet new people, learn about and try out new things. Such retreats also provide you an opportunity to immerse into your practice for an extended period of time with like-minded people. You’ll really get into specifics of the practice like the breath, inversions & arm balances, hip & heart openers, methods for reducing stress, core strengthening or perhaps just working on overall improvement.