Inspiration Time! Our Best Yoga Outfits Right Now

in Apr 15, 2024

Here’s a roundup of our current top 5 best Yoga outfits to give you some inspiration for your Yoga wardrobe. When you’re searching for that perfect set it’s best to take a look at as much inspiration as possible. You never know whether you’ll spot something that you wouldn’t pick up on the rail that looks amazing on the body! We also think it’s important to show our clothes in active poses, so you know how they will move with your body. Yoga is very demanding on clothing – so we like to prove ours can hack it!

Mudra Mala Yoga Top / Hatha Asana Capri

Here Yoga teacher and Yogamasti ambassador Becky does a standing split in our Hatha Asana capri. These are now in organic cotton and are the perfect capri for active styles of Yoga. They’ll move with you in a posture and have a wonderfully supportive high waist. The Mudra Mala top has an in built bra with pretty back strap detail and a jacquard om on the front.

Om Top / Bhakti Leggings

This is a perfect organic outfit of matching black and gold pieces. Matching outfits look great and are an easy option – you don’t have to struggle to find something to match your favourite leggings! The top has a built in bra too, so you don’t need to worry about that either. The leggings are full length with beautiful Indian arch motifs and a mandala on the thigh.

Chaturanga Bamboo Top / Mandala Organic Leggings

This outfit can go straight from the mat to the high street and back again! The top is a silky soft bamboo with a built in bra and back strap detail. It makes a pretty tank as well as a perfect Yoga top – bamboo fabric feels like such a dream on the skin you wont want to take it off! The mandala print leggings have pull string detail at the bottom, so you can also wear them as a capri! Definately one of the best Yoga outfits for people who like their Yoga wear to be street wear too!

White Hand Painted Chakra Camisole / Balance Organic Leggings

A calming blue and white outfit that complements warm skin tones. The hand painted camisole has a beautiful artistic feel and hand painted motif of the heart Chakra on the front, as well as a built in bra. Our balance leggings go great with white and have a lively geometric print with an energizing feel. They are in organic cotton like all of our seamless leggings.

Chaturanga Bamboo Top / Vinyasa Baggy Yoga Pants

The perfect outfit for active Yoga and weekend lounging. As we’ve said before – this style of Yoga pants are a lockdown godsend and you will never want to take them off! The fabric is loose, smooth and almost as silky as the Chaturanga bamboo vest! The black accents match the cuffs and waist of the pants perfectly, so you’ll look like you’re wearing a matching set (even if they are from two different collections!).

So these are our best Yoga outfits right now! What did you think? Do you have a favourite outfit you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!