Inspiring Quotes About Deep Breathing

in Apr 12, 2024

We’ve put together our favourite inspiring quotes about deep breathing and made them into beautiful graphics. Feel free to download these – they’re phone wallpaper size! Just right click or press and hold on your phone to save. I love having quotes on my phone wallpaper to encourage me to take a moment. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder to just. Breathe. Right?

Once you master breath you master your emotions. When we meditate, it’s our breath that elevates us to a higher state, and it’s also our breath that anchors us to earth. Our breath both energises and calms, awakens and relaxes. It really is the core of our being.

In Yoga we call our breath control Pranayama. There is no Yoga without breath. Before there is Asana, before there is flow, before there is progress – there is breath. Before meditation there is breath. It is the core of us, the core of Yoga, and the core of emotional healing.

I guarantee you, after finishing these quotes you will be breathing better – I was when I was making them! Sometimes a few simple words are all we need to straighten our spine and breath deep. So here are our favorite inspiring quotes about deep breathing:

A little reminder to allow your breath to ground you in the present moment. From breath to breath our present is constant. There is no future yet! So let it go…

This is a wonderful idea I learned on my meditation journey – your emotions and thoughts are just clouds. When you breath deeply, it’s easy to let them float past.

The same can be said for Yoga! You cant master Yoga without mastering breath.

This last quote has got to be my favourite – so poetic! It gives you such a surge of emotion with so few words.

So – did you like our inspirational quotes about deep breathing? Are you breathing better yet?

Do you have a favorite quote you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments!

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