NEW yoga pants colours available with introductory discounts!

in Apr 15, 2024

Hi everyone! Just a little announcement from us! We now have brand new yoga pants colours for two of our customer favorites! We’ve added a hefty introductory discount for you guys who have been waiting for some extra colours to arrive. So check them out:

Comfort Flow Pants Now Available in Majenta Pink!

Ultra comfortable and flattering for very active yoga to lounging. This style’s comfort and versatility is why it’s one of our best sellers for women. They’re so comfortable some people even wear them to bed! (Seriously, you wont want to take these off!)Because of the relaxed fit and waistband that stays in place, you can do really active yoga styles like Ashtanga with confidence.

Vinyasa Pants Now Available In All Black

A slightly narrower leg version of the yoga harem pants style. You Kundalini guys will have seen our all-white version of these exclusive to 3HO festival – but we are now offering them in all black to everyone! A simple, elegant staple pair that will see  you through any class. The narrower leg also makes these suitable for gym and pilates use too, without sacrificing the comfortable cut!

Stay tuned for more announcements, as we have more new products headed your way!