Should You Try Kundalini Yoga? Quick Tips From Us

in Apr 17, 2024

There’s been a huge surge in people taking up this form of Yoga recently, and I’m sure you’ll have seen a lot from us about our visits to the 3HO Kundalini Festival. So what is it? What makes it different? And most of all – is it the right practice for you? We’re all about trying new things, so technically we think everyone should give it a go, but Kundalini does work best for people that are looking for certain things from their practice.


 Kundalini has a spiritual energy focus that many other styles don’t – with Kundalini you are incorporating Chakras and spiritual channels into your practice. Kundalini draws energy through the Chakras, adding balance through exploring these different energy centres in the self.

Not Just Asanas:

 Kundalini yoga also incorporates meditation and meditative chanting of mantras. For some people group chanting can be an intense and uplifting experience. It’s likened to a more spiritual version of the experience one has in choral singing or musical performance.

So Why Not Try It?

If you’re interested in yoga purely for the fitness and flexibility element or are not particularly spiritual, Kundalini yoga may not be for you. We would recommend incorporating meditation into any yoga practice though, spiritual or not. The benefits will speak for themselves!