Steadiness and Ease

in Apr 16, 2024
Yoga Sutra No. 46
Asana is a steady, comfortable posture.
I remember when I first started practicing my legs would tremble, my arms would shake, my mind would wander. The mind would tell the body that it was really hard, that it wanted to give up, that it didn’t want to do this posture anymore.
If this resonates with you at the moment then fear not – don’t give up. The shakes do go away. As the muscles strengthen, the toxins are purified and the mind stops telling the body that it ‘can’t’ do it, then the shakes subside.
Concentration in a pose, steady breath and a healthy sprinkle of determination will also help. When we stop trying so hard and remember to relax a little, when we remember to bring the softness back to a pose. then we can begin to explore steadiness and ease.
That’s when we really start to do the asana, that’s when we really start to feel how the pose should be.
It also helps if the clothes that we wear help us to stay comfortable, enable stretching and move with us. Let Yogamasti help keep you comfortable during your practice. With moisture wicking material to help whisk away the sweat and keep you yoga-ing in comfort.
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