Yoga Looks

in Apr 30, 2024

Yogi looks… Now here is an interesting thought. Yoga as well as Yoga clothing has become a fad Ver the years. Yoga clothing is being produced in all shapes and fabrics and giving the yogi of today a distinctive look. A yogi doesn’t want an adidas or Nike look these days, they want a yogi feel, a holistic and simple look which is adhering to fashion of course and making them look great.

The patterns have to be taken into account as the yogi has a fit body- most of them anyway or should be After all yoga builds muscle with flexibility. The fabric is of utmost importance. Some of us still prefer the reebok nylon feel but most of us are looking for cotton content with lyre blends as that is the most comfortable and breathable fabric for practice.

Now lets not forget that most people want their yoga garments to be worn on or off the mat so they have to be fashionable to say the least.

Colors! Its really interesting how men come to me at the yoga shows and are looking for purple greens blues etc.…they don't want black only…Yogi works on their chakras during their practice and i am sure thats why they want different colors as the awakening happens.

Well, here at Yoga Masti we try our best to look after our yogi friends and clients. All our fabrics are breathable and all have cotton with lyre content. Our seamless collection. now coming in a lovely deep purple in time for the show is a moisture wicking fabric so sweat it out! Our patterns make you look great as they are fitting and show your shape while in the posture without being tight mad moreover the holistic feel comes from our motifs on the, Chakra-lotus-Ganesh- lotus to name a few.

Our new collection which is coming soon is in viscose lyre fabric-super cool and comfy we promise. We are also coming with chakra pants in white!! Yes ladies. Come to stand G-18 as there is limited stock only. Will keep you posted before the show as well. For now see our yoga clothing at
and send us your views.