Yogamasti In India Part 1 – Yoga Retreat Furniture Shopping!

in Apr 12, 2024

Yoga Retreat Furniture Shopping!

What a positive start we had to our India & Nepal journey! As we said in our previous blog about our trip, we are on a quest for gorgeous furniture and artifacts for the Yogamasti Yoga retreat. A retreat is all about the atmosphere and we want to create the best, most authentic atmosphere we can! We have the building, we have the location… so now on to furnishing it! We’re traveling around India looking for the best of the best from independent craftspeople. India is famous for it’s incredible carved rosewood furniture and even the first place we visited blew our socks off! Take a look at this:


Can you imagine waking up in that bed? On a sunny morning in the Spanish mountains with the sea in the distance? Imagine how grand a bed like that must look piled high with white sheets and pillows!

After catching a flight to Rajasthan we continued our furniture quest, also taking a look at a vendor that was offering reclaimed and antique pieces.



A lot of the places like this are make-to-order so you simply wander through rows of gorgeous items and pick what you’d like. They will even make copies of antique pieces! But we are interested in also bringing some genuine antiques to the retreat. My definite favorite item from the first leg of our trip is this HUGE vintage elephant statue (I think he must be about 12 feet tall!). Take a look:


If only we could get this guy to Spain! Isn’t he magnificent? Perhaps we could wheel him home with us…?

Stay tuned for the next update!