Yogamasti Retreats

Our Spanish Yoga Retreats

Join us on our private Spanish retreats on the Sunny Costa Blanca. Nurture yourself in our bespoke Villas in historic Alicante. Our villas are lovingly furnished with the same spirit as our garments. You’ll stay in a room that’s been authentically furnished with hand made, hand picked furniture from India. Experience deep relaxation in an inspired space, surrounded by hand carved mandalas, spiritual statues and stunning textiles.

Who Are Our Yoga Retreats For?
We’re welcoming everyone from complete beginners to advanced Yogis! Our experienced teachers – especially Sandra – has taught Yoga to all ages and walks of life. Our teachers will offer different adaptations to suit your individual body, energy & ability.

If you are beginner you will gain in depth experience of how to move your body in an asana and how to control your breath. You’ll reconnect your body and mind. After a weeks retreat you will be energised and far more passionate about your own practice. It will leave you wanting more and give you the inner strength to discipline your practice. You’ll leave invigorated, motivated and restored.

If you are at an intermediate level in your practice, our retreat will offer you an enhanced practice which goes to a deeper level, as our teachers go past the Asana and connect you to your soul. This is the key to a wonderful continuing practice, working on opening our crown chakras.

If you are an advanced Yogi you will be simply enthralled by the whole experience! Many times during our asana practice we forget to incorporate good pranayama and proper relaxation which is needed to connect us to ourselves. Our ceremonies and varied styles will pour love into your hearts and perhaps open your eyes to new truths, as your connection to your practice will definitely go deeper.