3 Unorthodox Ways To Be Giving This Christmas

in Apr 16, 2024

Christmas Cheer abounds!

“It is in giving that we receive.” Francis of Assissi

You don’t have to buy big presents to be giving to others – you already have the most important tool at your disposal and that’s the will to give! There are plenty of ways to do this that your nearest and dearest will love. Tis the season to be giving! Here’s a few ways from Yogamasti that you may not have thought of.

1. A Helping Hand

Giving doesn’t have to be a physical gift wrapped in paper. Gift a moment of calm and relaxation. Know someone with a hectic Christmas schedule who is time-poor this Christmas? Offer to help them out! Help them with chores, take the kids or pets to the park, help wrap presents… we all have that friend who is always on the go, and a great gift you can give them is a cosy moment of calm in a festive frenzy.

2. Open Up

This time of year we are all feeling a little sentimental and introspective, and this time of joy is a great place to start telling people what you really feel about them. If you have a positive thought about something, just say it! Tell the people you care about just how important they are, because while a box of chocolates and a scented candle are temporary, your words are something they can keep forever. In a world where people criticise so readily, we have to speak words of love to fight back. Why keep what you love about someone inside when you can just let them know? And see a bashful smile light up their face…?

3. Gift Your Skills

Are you handy with a glue gun? Does your profession give you insight into common problems people run into? Sometimes a gift of your skills and talents can make someone’s year, or ease a burden. We can’t all wire a plug or knit a pair of socks. Can you cook? Help a struggling friend prep their Christmas dinner, so all they have to do is defrost and cook! Love wrapping presents but know someone who hates it? (or cant wrap without it looking like it was done by two fighting squirrels?)You get the idea. Give yourself!