5 Amazing Yoga Studios From Around The World

in Apr 12, 2024

We thought we’d boost your mood with some amazing Yoga studios from around the world! It looks like we’ll be back in the studios by April, so lets build a little excitement with some inspiring places. We’re still putting together our own Yoga retreat (check out the gorgeous pics of our villa here) and have picked up some amazing furniture pieces from our travels. We were actually shopping for studio & retreat furniture when the pandemic hit and had to come home early! But don’t worry, we still picked up some incredible stuff! We can’t wait to show you our retreat, but until then, take a look at these beauties:

Amazing Yoga Studios From Bali To Britain Back Again!

Blue Earth Village, East Bali, Indonesia

Can you imagine a morning practice in a space like this? Focusing on your Pranayama as the sun rises over the sea? Studios like this inspired us to build our own version at our retreat, so watch this space – the builders are in!

Open studios are a godsend in climates like Bali. The roof keeps you dry from rainfall while the open sides keep the breeze flowing. It’s a place we’ve visited a few times now looking for items for our boutique. The flora and fauna provide constant energy and inspiration, it must be a beautiful place for a Yoga retreat.

Fly, London, UK 

Amazing Yoga studios don’t always have to be clinging to the highest peak. If you don’t have mountain views, make your own! We’re back to home turf with this one. This Yoga studio uses sound and visuals to create immersive experiences during practice. We’ve never actually seen imagery and sound used in such a large scale way in Yoga (though we did see a fun yoga practice that incorporated colour therapy and lights in London). This one shows you don’t have to be out in the mountains to feel like you are! Though I think it might have a little too much of a cinema vibe for me. I think I might end up looking for wildlife in the pictures instead of focusing on my practice!

Light Space Yoga, Melbourne, Austrailia

This studio definitely does create a ‘light space’ for practice. A pure white canvas is such a soothing, calming background for a studio. The great thing about white is it calms and relaxes without lowering energy. We love the contemporary feel here where natural wood is balanced with pops of colour to keep energy high. Though I admit I’d be cautious not to bring herbal teas that might stain in my water bottle…

Little Yoga Space, Lisbon, Portugal

High ceilings, hardwood floors, loads of light… what more could you want? It looks like those are balcony doors that open onto the city, which could give a lovely breeze on your back. What I love about this studio is that I can already feel the atmosphere in there just by looking at it!

Vida Mountain Resort and Spa, Salvador, Costa Rica

This is the studio on the list that gives me the most fomo (feeling of missing out)! Costa Rica is definitely one of my Yoga retreat dream destinations. The wildlife in Costa Rica is unparalleled and their attitude to conservation is so inspiring. Just look at the colours on that sunset, too! I’m taking deeper, more calming breaths just looking at it.