Chakra Products & Fragrance Gifts – New Arrivals

in Apr 12, 2024

New arrivals in Chakra products & gifts. Here’s the new stuff we’ve added and a little about it. You’ll find us steadily adding more and more non-clothing items as we take more of our Buddha Boutique online. This gives us the opportunity to show you guys that are further from home a little of the Boutique experience! We’re really proud of our bricks-and-mortar store so we’re glad to be able to showcase it!

Natural Solid Perfumes


These little perfumes are one of our most (if not THE most) popular products at the Buddha Boutique. They’re natural solid perfumes blended from essential oils, flowers, herbs and beeswax. These little enamel tins are both decorative and adorable. One tiny pot will last you months! If you’ve never used solid perfume before, imagine it as a lip balm for your skin. Simply rub a finger in the little pot and apply it directly to your pulse points. We’re also selling these in a gift boxed set of 6, with a little velvet lined tray to keep them in.

Chakra Incense


We had these Chakra incenses specially produced for the shop. They’re one of the Chakra products that people always pick up when they’re getting into Kundalini Yoga and Chakra meditation. Each set has a unique fragrance to complement the Chakra. They’re also wonderful for the home & yoga studio. A bonus is you can reuse the tins – no more squished little cardboard boxes and torn paper bags full of incense!

Chakra Candles


We’re now selling our vegan Chakra candles as a set, or individually. They eco-concious, vegan, fairtrade and handmade! They’ve got a great burn time on them and are excellent for relaxing with a little aromatherapy. Just a small votive fills a whole room with fragrance. They make great accompaniments to an altar or Yoga practice room or Yoga studio.

Moksha Gift Sets


This incense set is made to purify negative energies from a place – and keep them away! With 40 sticks and an Indian rosewood holder; this gift set will keep the receiver going for a long time. Loban (or benzoine) resin is famous for its use in purification rituals, and like Sandalwood is popular in many world faiths. Both fragrances create a gorgeous, pure & earthy atmosphere that’s great for clearing your head before meditation. The packaging is highly decorative and doesn’t need wrapping (always a bonus, that ;)).

So take a browse at our new lines and remember us when you’re shopping for that special something!


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