5 Ways You Can Beat Daily Stress Right Now, by Yogamasti

in Apr 16, 2024

Fight Stress and Win

Day-to-day stresses affect us all and a lot of the time it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed. We wanted to not only provide anti-stress tips, but things that could be done immediately to combat it. Resolving to build a meditation corner or plan a break might end up just giving you more stress in the short term.

So here are our five top tips for freeing yourself from stress and living a calmer, healthier life. Start right now!

Here We Go!

1. Stress busting breathing: If you’re feeling the strain, just two minutes of conscious, even breathing can give you an instant lift. Try this pattern: Breathe in for the count of five, then out for the count of 8. Repeat for two minutes or as long as you like. This gets the blood rushing to the brain and muscles and should ease some of that tension right away.

2.The tecnology purge: Remove or turn off all technology in the room. This includes phone, TV, tablets, lights, laptops – everything! Take a few moments to TRULY be with yourself and nothing else. If you’ve got kids around, just the tech will do. This is best to try just before bed, but you can do it any time!

3. Organize:  Just emptying and reorganising one draw or cupboard can make you immediately feel a bit more in control of your environment and to help you fight that daily stress. Reducing your world to one small task can ‘reset’ your view of your circumstances, so you don’t feel like you’re constantly juggling.

4. Be Breezy: Get some fresh air and get a fresh perspective – just the sounds of nature or cold air on your face can release some of that tension. Imagine the fresh breeze is blowing away all those knots and tangles in your stomach.

5. Shut the Door: When you get home and shut the door, shut it on your outside stresses, too. Shut out anything that you can’t change. You won’t solve your worldly problems on the sofa on a Thursday evening if you just stress about them enough. If there is nothing practical you can do. It can wait. And if you can change something that troubles you – why carry it as stress at all?