Satya – Truthfulness

in Apr 16, 2024

To one established in truthfulness, actions and their results become subservient

Yoga Sutra’s 36

Satya is, for me, the most important of all of the Yama’s. Telling the truth has always been drummed into me as being vital in keeping good communication and trust. Without trust then you can not have a strong relationship with anybody, and without the truth, trust can not be built.

I was bought up with the knowledge that I would get into more trouble if I lied about something than if I confessed to whatever it was that I had done. My parents were very liberal and I got away with a lot, but lying was never condoned. I believed that everyone was bought up with the same belief system and was shocked and disappointed to discover that that is not necessarily the case. I have felt more betrayed by lying than any other thing that has happened to me. For me, it is the worst thing someone can do; lie to my face.

The sutra’s state that if you are honest in all that you say and do and think, then you do not need to run after the truth, the truth will begin to follow you. I have found this to be true. For me, as I constantly strive to remain truthful to myself but also to others, the truth has always tracked me down and revealed itself to me. It has a habit of following me around, which I kinda like. The sutra’s also state that if you are always truthful, if no lie comes from your mouth then there will come a time when everything you say will come true.

“If you say something by mistake, it will happen, because by the practice of satyam the words become so powerful and clean that honesty observes you. It wants to be with you always. If a curse is spoken, it will happen. If a blessing is said, it will happen.”

Be careful of your thoughts and choose your words carefully. Be careful what you wish for.

Another point about Satya is that you should only speak what is sweet. If you speak a truth that is intended to cause harm, then it will harm not only you, but whoever you speak that truth to. Causing harm with intention breaks the first yama Ahimsa (non-harming) – so you must combine these 2 yama’s to obey Satya fully.

Only speak what is sweet, and never lie. No matter how sweet it may sound. Only speak the sweet truth and the truth will start to follow you.

Happy Practicing,