What is Moisture Wicking All About?

in Apr 16, 2024

You may well have heard the phrase ‘moisture wicking’ material but not known what it actually means. Well it is a new material that is perfect for yoga clothing as it actually draws the sweat away from the surface of the skin. It socks through the fabric towards the outside edge of the material, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable for longer.

Once the moisture is on the outside edge of the material it is easier for it to dry of and it also prevents the body from becoming cold as it draws the sweat away from the body rather than keeping a cold layer of clothing pressing against the skin.

You can see why it would be favourable in your practice to be wearing moisture wicking material whilst you work up a sweat.

Yogamasti’s new range is all made from state of the art moisture wicking material, helping to keep your yoga practice as clean and dry as possible. They also feature mesh and jacquard details making them sporty and trendy. So you can look good whilst you practice.

Treat yourself today to some new moisture wicking garments from our collection.