5 Yoga Tips That Will Get Your Practice Soaring High

in Apr 16, 2024

5 yoga tips and REALLY IMP things (secrets of highly efficient yoga practioners)that will get your practice soaring high! If you do them 🙂

1. ALWAYS concentrate on your breath and count it. Work happens on the outbreath so relax in it and do 5 breaths in each posture at least.

2. Sequence is very important in any practice as the body opens and unfolds correctly letting the energy flow if the sequence is correct. Do warm up followed by standing postures, then sitting asanas, followed by lying on stomach poses and finally lying on back concluding with back bends

3.Never EVER take all of your body weight on one side. In fact keep the body on the opposite side to which you are leaning in..makes a world of difference to your stretch

4.The front of your foot is equally important and has energy centers as the back of your feet so press it in ground in different asanas, also strengthens your thigh muscles.

5. Practice with lots of love and dedication:)

Make these tips your yoga rituals and you will see a shift happening. A shift for the better. Energy will flow fast and regular and you will feel great.

Aanika from yogamasti