Yoga Fashion and Fitness

in Apr 16, 2024

Well, Yoga fashion and fitness  is a booming industry worldwide these days.Whether you follow the fitness fad or not you soon will be dressing like one for sure 🙂

Latest trends show that people want to be fitter than ever before. They want to be seen to be doing a class or two a week and moreover, they want to be seen looking great, in shape and in their favourite brands.

This has given birth to a big fitness fashion industry. Yoga fashion is slightly different and should be really ,as yoga is a holistic practice and it teaches us to wear breathable materials, organic stuff and holistic and safe wear. Having the right high-end yoga gear has become just as important. And this is  not limited to the fashion community, the whole yoga clothing industry has seen yoga clothes to become a daywear in 2014.We at yogamasti have grasped that trend and are making our clothes perfect for on the mat and off the mat. They not only look great and feel like a yogi on the mat but they are so beautiful that you would want to wear them off the mat as well. We see lots of women wearing our lotus skirt capris with boots looking fab!

Now you can look cute and fashionable and still be secure in our yoga clothes.And hey its not just women who are into fashion these days! We get men coming to our stands and asking for cuts, different funky colours. Gone are those days when any pair of a comfortable pants will do.

Yogamasti collections are designed with a yoga theme but are not limited to yoga practice. Our yoga pants can easily be worn by gym goers, pilates or even running! We do a whole set of seamless clothing in moisture resistant fabric which incidentally is doing amazingly well and that can be picked and worn by any fitness person.Yogamasti Yoga pants

We can be yoga fashion mad and buy our favourite brands and look great in the class but hey! Lets never forget the essence of yoga, its practice:)

yogi hugs

Aanika from yogamasti