About Yogamasti Journey of Our Garments

in Apr 12, 2024

We design all of our clothing from the ground up – fabric, shape, motif, pattern, cut –all these things are put together by us. 

We personally visit our manufacturers and employers on-site – and not just for initial communication, we make regular visits to get a ‘feel’ for a place to know if workers are happy and operating in decent conditions, with no child labour.
We have lovingly hand-painted touches that last!
Our hand-painted clothing has a two-year guarantee against fading and flaking – plus, they can go in the washing machine!
Keeping the best of the past and present – we incorporate all the best organic naturals AND high-tech moisture-wicking technology. We believe in using the best of the traditional and the future. 
We’ve been there: Yogamasti is founded and headed by a Hatha Yoga and Classical Dance teacher, and we would NEVER produce anything that wasn’t fit to purpose.  
Comfort and functionality are our highest concerns! 
Even our seamless garments are organic cotton rich – so you can have the seamless tech and the skin kindness and breathability element.
We’re Independent Women – we started from nothing, and we’re proud of where we are, and the customer service and passion that got us here!