Ashtanga Yoga- What Is It?

in Apr 16, 2024

Hi Everyone,

If you follow up on this blog regularly, you’ll know that previously I wrote about Now, it’s Ashtanga Yoga’s turn to be debunked!

So what is it? Well, Ashtanga Yoga is derived from vinyasa-styles, where it is indeed very highly structured. Here we have five different series, each with a full set of poses that one must master before continuing onto the next series.

So for example, the first series starts with 10 Sun Salutations, followed by several standing poses, and ends with a series of inverted and seated poses which are linked with a vinyasa series.

To read more about the poses that are included in ashtanga.


Because this practice is so demanding in every way and you are meant to practice it more than once every two days (mental and physical), the advantage of this is that you will get strong really fast. Other benefits include flexibility, inner peace & stress-management.

Is it for me?

Beginners beware! This practice is quite tough, maybe try a few asana series before swimming at the deep end of the pool. For others, if you like a very structured class and don’t have any muscle constraints or past serious injuries in the limbs: then go for it! Just remember to move at your own pace, most people take years to move up a level.

In the mean time, enjoy your classes!

Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti