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Non Slip Yoga Mat With Alignment, 6mm Thick, Eco TPE, Royal Blue

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Our Eco TPE Non-Slip Yoga Mat – now with super helpful alignment markers. They are laser engraved designs that will help your Yoga practice stay centered and productive. Learning good alignment is crucial to improving your Yoga progress and staying safe.

The little Om symbol and Trishula decorating either end of the mat will keep you inspired while you move from Asana to Asana. We have also added embossed detailing on the logo for more texture. The production quality really shines through when you’re nose to mat. The 6mm thickness makes you feel supported and keeps you comfortable on hard, cold floors.

Our mats have all the benefits of the beloved ‘sticky’ yoga mat, but in a lightweight and cushioned material to enhance your practice and keep you comfortable and secure. A non-slip Yoga mat with plenty of support is an essential part of your Yoga kit. Our mats are thick, durable, easy to clean and carry (a free string carrier is included with the mat!) and also are now produced in the more eco-friendly and lightweight TPE. This mat is so light it makes a perfect Yoga travel mat too. You’ll have no problems on the train and plane!

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Alignment Non Slip Yoga Mat Features:
  • TPE
  • 6mm thick
  • 183x61cm
  • Non-Slip, easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Free string carrier
  • Embossed detail
  • Helpful alignment markers
  • Spiritual details to keep you inspired
  • Deep and vibrant blue material that is super comfy