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Carved Buddha Head Mask Wall Hanging - Ceramic, Hand Engraved

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A dark red, hand carved Buddha head. The carving is in a mask style and also has a ring for hanging flat to a wall. This mask will also stand up on an altar or mantel. Hand engraved detailing covers the whole surface of the piece. The white base shows through the red staining along the surface. This creates a lovely contrast on the clay and lots of texture. The lovingly carved face is serene. The Buddhas eyes are half open, indicating meditation. Many schools of Buddhism practice meditation with their eyes half open but unfocused.

Inspiring spiritual symbols decorate the brow and neck. Along the brow are Buddhist Auspicious Symbols. Along the neck is Om Mani Padme Hum in Tibetan. This is a beautiful and decorative piece that will add warm, peaceful energy to a home or Yoga room.

About Auspicious Symbols

These symbols bring good fortune and are representative of the offerings made to Shakyamuni Buddha after he obtained enlightenment. This piece depicts the Lotus(purity), Conch(melody of the Dharma), Tresure Vessel(health, wealth, longevity) and Victory Banner(victory over hindrances on the path of enlightenment).

Buddha Head Meaning: Buddha heads represent spiritual and social awareness, knowledge and meditation. When we look upon the Buddha we are reminded to live consciously and kindly. Even just looking upon the face of the Buddha encourages a sense of calm and contentedness. Buddha statues and art are so popular, even to non-Buddhists, because of how they calm the energy of a space. The feeling a Buddha brings is innate. In Buddha head depictions, different parts of the head represent different aspects of Buddhist thinking. A good explanation is here. We also explained some of the different types of Buddha statues here.

Hand Carved Buddha Head Product Details
  • Cast in resin clay
  • Engraved with pattern detail as well as spiritual symbols
  • Depicts the auspicious symbols, third eye and eyes of the Devi
  • Depicts Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra in Tibetan
  • Handmade and Fairtrade art made by Nepalese artisans
  • Measures L30cmxW18cm(ear to ear)