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Dark Amethyst Yoga Bracelet For Crystal Healing & Meditation

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Gorgeous natural amethyst yoga bracelet. 8mm natural gemstone beads on a strong stretch bracelet. Use in your meditations, yoga practice or slip on for everyday wear. It has deep purple tones and a strong connection to the Crown Chakra. Great to wear when the Crown Chakra is the focus of your meditations and you need some of that spiritually elevating energy! Wear when practicing Kundalini Yoga to bring a sense of unification of the Chakras. Amethyst is also often used as a ‘dream stone’ to keep bad dreams away and to help you get a good nights sleep. It is also said to aid in reaching the dream state and inspiring more positive, enlightening dreams.

Due to the nature of the item all bracelets will be completely unique in patterning, but are all the same dark purple colour. This stone goes beautifully with lighter outfits & soft cottons. Pair with a rough, natural white linen or a silky, flowing ensemble like our Comfort Flow Outfit.

Dark Amethyst Yoga Bracelet Meaning:

Spiritual elevation, clarity in meditation, aids in sleep and chasing off bad dreams, energises the Crown Chakra.

Product Features
  • Natural and unique amethyst
  • Perfect for meditation & energising the Crown Chakra
  • 8mm beads on strong stretch elastic
  • Adds healing frequencies to your yoga practice
  • Beautiful and practical enough for casual wear aswell