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Amethyst Tree of Life Necklace - Silver

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A beautiful amethyst tree of life necklace. It comprises of a wire wrapped ring woven into a tree shape, with gemstone chips as the leaves. Made using amethyst chips. Amethysts are a beautiful purple variant of quartz. All are natural gemstone chips, so every necklace will be unique. A colourful piece of jewellery which is vibrant without being loud. The delicate silver wire offsets the colourful stones and creates lovely, natural looking tree branches. This necklace comes with a silver snake chain that can also be switched out for a chain of your choice. Check out our other spiritual and healing jewellery here.

Amethyst: Protects you from bad dreams and aids meditation. Associated with spiritual awakening and higher conciousness. Very often found on altars. Associated with the Crown Chakra and often used for Chakra healing. Amethysts range from a very light lavender to a purple so dark it is almost black. Also used to cleanse a persons energy and clear damaging worldly attachments. This makes it a great option to hold during your meditations, when you need to let go of your physical self. Amethyst also cleanses the users aura and any negative influences on it.

About the Tree of Life

The tree of life appears as a spiritual symbol all over the world. It is prevalent in Scandinavian and celtic spirituality, as well  as in eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. In Nordic mythology the tree represents all the realms or planes of the universe. In Buddhism, the tree represents the banyan tree under which Buddha is said to have gained enlightenment. It also represents inner and outer growth, as well as the importance of strong roots. Additionally, many use the tree of life symbolism to remind them of their innate connections with nature and their capacity for personal and spiritual growth.

Amethyst tree of life Details:
  • Amethyst Tree of Life Necklace
  • Silver plated wire
  • Gemstone leaves
  • Natural amethyst chips
  • 35mm across