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Buddha Door Handle - Nepalese Brass

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Buddha door handle in brass. Get that heavy, ornate temple door feel at home. Topped with a Buddha head that elongates into the handle. The Buddha has closed eyes and a serene, calming expression. The handle piece is smooth and sturdy. Brass also has anti bacterial properties, so is a great alternative to wood and ceramic. Each end has drilled holes for you to affix the handle to the door easily. Simply screw or nail into the door securely. They are cast brass and have plenty of weight to them, so please attach securely and safely. These can be added to internal or external doors and are also suitable for heavy cupboards.

A home fixing that looks beautiful against any kind of wood. The colour of the metal won’t clash with your furnishings due to it’s slightly matte, neutral sheen. Polish them up for some extra shimmer. A little bit of spiritual home decor for the Buddhist or Buddha enthusiast. Buddhas are extremely popular as home decorations and altar pieces as their presence brings a wonderful sense of calm.

Buddha Head Meaning: Buddha heads represent spiritual and social awareness, knowledge and meditation. When we look upon the Buddha we are reminded to live consciously and kindly. Even just looking upon the face of the Buddha encourages a sense of calm and contentedness. Buddha statues and art are so popular, even to non-buddhists, because of how they calm the energy of a space. The feeling a Buddha brings is innate. In Buddha head depictions, different parts of the head represent different aspects of Buddhist thinking. A good explanation is here. We also explained some of the different types of Buddha statues here.

Buddha Door Handle Product Description
  • Heavy temple door handles
  • Cast brass
  • Buddha head design
  • Drilled holes for easily fixing to doors or cupboards and closets.
  • Approx 0.65kg/1.35lb weight
  • L23cm, W8cm(ear to ear)