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Artisan Large Recycled Pink and Purple Hippy Patchwork Handbag

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Calling this a hippy patchwork handbag does not do it justice! Assembled from recycled vintage embroidery and beadwork pieces; every item is completely unique.  All bags are comprised of panels that are sequined, mirrored or embroidered in a highly decorative fashion. Square cutout detail emphasized by surrounding border patches, adding a nice little bib effect to the piece. Alongside this is a little hanging tassel piece that adds movement and texture to the look. Underneath a cute tassel and beaded trim adds a little funky detail.

A shoulder bag with two wide straps for comfort, plus a secure zip closure along the top. The cutout detail provides easy access to the bag when on the shoulder. The 4 inch gusset all the way around provides extra space, ensuring you can fit your wallet, make up bag, phone and keys with plenty of room to spare! The inside is also fully lined with quality cotton.

So take a long look at some real artisan work. Take a good look in the product gallery because these bags are stunning. Intricate work on every panel! You can be sure that no one in the whole wide world is toting the same bag as you! If you’re looking for a hippy or boho bag but want a serious artistic flair this is the shoulder bag is for you! Check out our hippy backpack which has similar artwork.

Be aware that due to the nature of the product each is unique. Some patches are vintage and may have missing sequins or beads. This in no way affects the overall look of the bag!

Hippy Patchwork Handbag Product Features:
  • Spacious handbag with a 4 inch bottom
  • Secure zip closure and wide comfort straps
  • Recycled patchwork made from unique embroidered pieces
  • Beaded and tasselled trim
  • Each hippy patchwork handbag is 100% unique!