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Chakra Yoga Mat - Screen Printed, Black

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The Yogamasti Chakra Yoga Mat is designed to give you the maximum advantages of the beloved sticky yoga mat. Now in eco-friendly TPE it benefits from colourful Chakra symbols which will not rub off . Towards one end is the  matte embossed mudra logo which denotes gyan mudra. So it even looks chic when rolled up! Get passionate about your yoga poses on this luxurious and  great looking mat. Feel the yogi and look like one too.. A textured pattern has been engineered for superior surface grip giving you confidence and comfort when practicing new poses. This mat is compact and transport friendly.

This mat also has a matching mat bag. It also comes with a string mat carrier, but also works very well with our velcro mat carriers.

Chakra Yoga Mat Product Details:

– 183cm x 66cm
– 6mm thick
– 1.08 kg
– Recycle friendly
– Extra wide
– Slip resistant