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Ceramic Floral Door Knobs - For Cupboards and Drawers

Color 1 (Navy and White)
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Beautiful ceramic floral door knobs that are super easy to attach! They are smooth and cool to the touch and feel great on your hands. They’ll add a lovely artistic feel to a space and would make great house warming gifts. The handles are made from smooth, sturdy ceramic. The glaze is fantastically vibrant and the floral designs are all painted by hand!  The painted glaze really stands out on the white backgrounds and gives a lovely artistic look to a room. They create a natural, traditional feel with a modern twist that’s great on plain and painted wood. The designs are a floral, elegant, modern take on traditional ceramic glaze patterns. They’re a wonderful, easy artistic accent for your furniture.

Accessories like this are a great opportunity to get creative with your interior and switch things up! Buy in pairs or mix and match different patterns for a wonderfully unique look. These knobs are suitable for all different kinds of cupboards and drawers as they have only one central attachment. Floral door knobs will look equally beautiful on your kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, bedside tables, and more. You could even add them to a large chest of drawers or dressing table. If you want to get really creative and think a little outside the box, you could drill a few holes in a picture frame and make a funky jewellery holder, using the knobs to hang necklaces and bracelets.

How To Attach Ceramic Floral Door Knobs:

Simply unscrew your previous door knobs. Then unscrew the first nut and washer from the long central screw coming from the door knob. Push the screw through the hole on your door or cupboard (drill holes with a power drill if necessary). Add the washer, then tighten the nut up behind it. Use a spanner to be extra secure.

Product Features:
  • Round ceramic patterned door knobs
  • Many floral patterns to choose from, painted by hand
  • Suitable for cupboards, drawers or doors
  • Vibrant colours and delicate designs
  • Easy to attach
  • Buy in pairs or mix and match colours