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Chakra Yoga Mat Bag - Black, Embroidered

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This high quality spacious Chakra yoga mat bag is made out of 100% cotton canvas. Travel in all weather as this bag also has a water resistant lining. The original colours of the Chakras and Sanskrit symbols make this bag vibrant and stylish. For your accessibility the bag also comes with pockets made to fit a water bottle, cellular devices, towels and clothes. Additionally there’s an inside zipper pocket for loose change or cash. The beautifully designed Chakra embroidery brings out the deep black colour on the outside.

This yoga mat bag carries most mats and will be a lasting companion. This bag is opened with a single zip and a complimentary antique finish holder for the key is on the belt. A handle is located inside to hold this versatile yoga mat bag . And so you could carry this either across your shoulder or simply use it like a holdall. With room for two regular sized mats folded together and some clothing this yoga mat bag has it all. Overall a strong, beautiful, but also utilitarian yoga mat bag.

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  • Key holder
  • Inside zipper pocket
  • Mobile/water bottle pocket
  • water resistant lining
  • Cotton canvas
  • Embroidered detail
  • Chakra symbols